Other solutions

Modern automation solutions and unique lighting works of art

We have 20 years of experience in design, development and implementation, as well as turnkey deliveries. In addition to embedded systems, we supply different system-specific packages according to customer needs.

Automation & Control Systems

We deliver various automation projects, system programming and maintenance services. We have a lot of experience of real estate, industry and entertainment automation systems, including their platform and bus systems.

IT Systems

We provide the servers and network components as component deliveries or as part of a turnkey solution. We have experience of both small and large IT solutions.

Software Projects

Our software developers are ready to take on your challenge. For example, we are able to provide a tool or analyser for facilitating the maintenance or management of a technical system. Tell us your ideas or needs, and we’ll help.

Lighting / dimming systems

Our company has comprehensive technical knowledge of lighting systems. We carry out project deliveries, programming and adjustments to various systems. We are also familiar with the modernisation of old systems, as well as building new ones. For example, we have designed and implemented automatic lighting control to restaurants. 

Special Lighting Projects

We look forward to different lighting and lamp planning projects. We are known as designers and manufacturers of large and personalised lighting works. In addition to planning, we take care of the whole production process, from the electronics to the mechanical manufacturing and delivery. You can see our unique lighting applications and works on ships, among other places.  

Entertainment / Show Systems

Our 20 years of experience in the implementation of demanding show, entertainment and presentation systems of cruise ships and superyachts guarantees that we can also provide professional services for these systems. Whether it is a theatre or a meeting room, we can supply everything from planning to system delivery.

PA systems

We deliver measurement, health diagnostics and adjustment services to public announcement systems, especially in the marine sector. We take care of the measurement and system reporting required by the Classification Society. We perform various acoustic measurements, such as SPL, STI and frequency response measurements. 

Electrical Systems

We are happy to take the overall responsibility of the projects’ electrotechnical delivery. Our experienced engineers and project coordinators, together with skilled installers, guarantee a skilled job for electrical contracting. By being responsible for the overall delivery, we ensure seamless interoperability of the infrastructure and electric system, both in scheduling and technical terms.

The overall delivery not only facilitates the project management of the customer, but also clarifies the distribution of responsibilities during and after the project.