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Smart automation superyachts

The latest technology is used to build the greatest superyachts, now and tomorrow. When properly used, automation technology streamlines the shipbuilding process and increases the level of comfort and system control to a whole new level.

Our innovation, SuperioHUB Integration Platform, has been developed to meet these needs. The separate systems of the various spaces and groups of spaces can be tailored to a single manageable solution by using the embedded system innovation that we have developed. 

SuperioHUB Integration Platform

  • Enables the integration of individual spaces (e.g. cabins, dining areas, cinema), as well as groups of spaces (e.g. outdoors, decks, passenger spaces) to a single manageable complex with different user levels. It can be used for centrally controlling the lighting, ventilation, cameras, electric doors, locks and TV and AV equipment, among others. 
  • It is fully customisable according to customer needs. The system-independent SuperioHUB can easily be integrated to commonly used systems and operator devices. 
  • For example, the service package can consist of the following parts: Integration server, customised user interface, customised control/push button panels, automation units, TV and AV equipment, as well as entertainment system packages. In addition to planning and implementation, we are also happy to take care of the overall management of the project.
  • Intelligently combines modern technology, sustainable shipbuilding and a unique user experience.

We have created several modern cruise experiences.

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