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Smart automation cruise experiences

The future of cruise ship cabins lies within smart automation equipment. It can be used for developing new approaches to improve energy savings, safety and the customer experience, among others. 

We think that the future is no longer something really remote, but rather here and now. That is why we developed the SuperioHUB Integration Platform. It enables the merging of different cabin subsystems into one manageable solution. SuperioHUB can be used for controlling lighting, ventilation, locks, electric curtains, electric doors as well as TV and AV devices, even from a single unit.  

SuperioHUB Integration Platform

  • Provides the user with the opportunity to adjust properties that affect the feel of the cabin during the voyage. The properties that create a unique cruise experience are, among others, audio-visual equipment such as TVs, lights, curtains, electric doors, temperature controls, individual integrated control panels and user personalised interfaces.
  • Is able to quickly convey information regarding which cabin is occupied and which is empty.
  • The system also enables you to create a personalised user interface with wall touch screens or mobile applications. 
  • It is system-independent and can easily be integrated to commonly used systems and operator devices. 
  • It is customisable according to customer requirements to suit different cabin types. The service package includes: an integration server or platform and a user interface customised to the needs of the customer or, alternatively, further development of the shipping company’s own systems.
  • The integrated smart system allows you to collect and use a huge amount of data, as well as connect and control various automation systems efficiently.
  • Intelligently combines modern technology, sustainable shipbuilding and an unforgettable cruise experience. 

We have been involved in the building of several modern cruise experiences.
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