Energy saving

Environmentally friendly choices

In addition to passion and knowledge, our activities are guided by a strong desire to build a more responsible tomorrow. Modern systems integration allows for a new era of efficient energy saving and optimisation of operations. 

Intelligent system optimisation:

  • Enables the automation of simple energy-saving functions. For example, the lighting in a cabin or hotel room automatically turns off when the room is empty. E.g. the air conditioning, curtains and lighting react immediately to the change in status. The automation can also provide information of a balcony door left open, to which the system reacts by shutting down the air conditioning. 
  • Allows you to collect and use various customer data, as well as to connect and control various automation systems efficiently.
  • Can be used centrally for cutting down operating costs. 
  • In-depth system integration creates synergy in terms of sharing components throughout the system.